Botero Visits China

Botero visited China for the purpose of learning about the astonishing architectural and urban development of its cities. Here are pictures we want to share with our friends and clients.


Botero visits the Architectural Relics of the past in San Petersburg and Moscu

After 100 years of mystery, fear and cold war, a former police state is now open to the American public. I am referring to Russia with all the architectural jewels of the Zars and Emperors from the time of Peter and Catherine, the Great. The new Russia is now a capitalist country, very Americanized, and all the jewels of the past have been reconstructed and/or renovated.

San Petersburg, in particular, is a museum in itself with more than 500 palaces and churches. The roman and greek architecture that still influences our construction design in the northeast and south in our country has a new dimension when influenced by the east orthodox culture. Botero took some pictures for our clients.