#4 Construction Management | Botero Homes

25 years building the "Best of the Best" Homes

Botero manages 92 contractors highly specialized in all branches of construction.


How we build your dream home: 4 Phases and 39 Steps.

Phase 1: Pre-Construction

  • 1. Selecting and Buying the Lot.
  • 2. If the lot requires a septic system and a well, there are some engineering studies required and previous approvals from the Health Department.
  • 3. Preliminary plans and Budget to submit to the Lending Bank.
  • 4. Loan processing and approval.
  • 5. Preparation of the entire package to obtain the approval and the permit by the County. That package includes, among other things:

Phase 2: Permitting

  • 6. Permit by the Health Department
  • 7. Permit by the County for Demolition and for Construction.
  • 8. Permit by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT).
  • 9. Bank closing on the loan.

Phase 3: Construction

  • 10. Demolition of existing structure.
  • 11. Tree clearing and lot preparation.
  • 12. Applying and Paying for the utilities connections.
  • 13. Excavations
  • 14. Foundations
  • 15. Framing
  • 16. Roofing
  • 17. Electrical, plumbing and HVAC
  • 18. Insulation
  • 19. Drywall
  • 20. Priming for painting.
  • 21. Trim and Interior carpentry
  • 22. Doors and Windows
  • 23. Flooring
  • 24. Cabinets and Vanities
  • 25. Hardware for doors and cabinets
  • 26. Final plumbing
  • 27. Final HVAC
  • 28. Exterior Veneer (Stucco, Stone or Brick), gutters and exterior drainage.
  • 29. Finishing septic, well, utilities and connection to home.
  • 30. Base paving
  • 31. Final grading for land.
  • 32. Exterior hardscaping (patios, decks, exterior stairs).
  • 33. Painting
  • 34. Appliances
  • 35. Detail cleaning
  • 36. Landscaping and sprinkle system

Phase 4: Inspection

  • 37. Final Inspections
  • 38. Processing the warranty
  • 39. Occupancy permit.

Some things to keep in mind when contracting with Botero...

1. LOCATION. Botero only builds in Northern Virginia and Maryland. We may consider building in other areas, but it will require a special contract and price.

2. LOT SIZE. Due to the size and shape of our designs, our homes look best on lots of 1 acre or greater. We will provide specific advice for each home.

3. DESIGNS. We specialize in our own design, which is unique and within the European style. We offer more than 30 models on our website. HOWEVER WE BUILD WITH YOUR PLANS OR OURS… ON YOUR LAND OR WE HELP TO BUY A LOT.

4. INTERIOR FEATURES. Most of our homes are designed with basements, bars, wine cellars and home theaters.
5. EXTERIOR AMENITIES. For exteriors, we offer pool, guest home, and sport fields like tennis and basketball courts, additional garages, independent office, prayer room, golf court, gym/training areas and many others.

6. THE BENEFIT TO OUR DESIGNS. We prefer to design the home ourselves, and it’s less expensive.

7. SPECIALTY KITCHENS. We have built kitchens a chef would envy and some cases suggest you to include a SPICE KITCHEN custom made for your needs.

8. PERMITTING & COUNTY WORK. We prepare the plans, application, contract all the subcontractors and submit everything to the County until we get the Building Permit. The Family does not do any County work.

9. CONTRACTORS. All contractors work under the direction and supervision of Botero Homes, but each assumes its own liabilities in the construction process.