Botero Homes is a luxury custom home builder in Northern Virginia and Maryland. Our team of professionals in the architectural, construction and financial fields work closely with clients in every step of the process of designing and drafting your dream luxury home. Having won 18 awards and distinctions, Botero Homes is considered the “Best of the Best” luxury builders.

Botero Homes is a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business with an A+ rating.

Undisputed Best Value per Sqft

  • No builder of luxury quality has lower costs than Botero
  • 1st & 2nd Floor Finished Area:
    $210 to $250 per sqft
  • Garages and Exterior Porches as low as $75 per sqft
  • Basements as low as $85 per sqf

Best Custom Builder of Luxury Homes

  • Awards: 18 Awards and Distinctions
  • The construction insurance policy warranty has never been used in 20 years.
  • Testimonials from our clients & a panel of judges.

A Full Service Company

  • Banks that finance all our customers.
  • In-House architecture saves the client money and time.

Real Estate

  • Realty Services to help the customer to buy the lot and sell the old one.
  • We work closely with realtors. In the past, we paid a 2% commission on the contract price when the house was fully paid. Now, we pay 1% upon down payment and 1% upon the house being fully paid.


“At Botero Homes, we will build your dream home at a reasonable price. I make a commitment to my clients that they pay only the cost + a small fee and I know how to stretch a budget.”


Botero Homes finished construction for three houses in 2020! We will be sharing images for these beautiful homes shortly.



Panel of Judges, Monument Award to Botero Homes

“These elegant homes provide space, serenity and grace. Every aspect of comfort, convenience and luxury was thoughtfully incorporated into these refined residences.”

Panel of Judges, Monument Award to Botero Homes

“Botero Homes designs homes with magnificent architecture and uses the finest materials to not only produce quality homes, but rather a work of art.”

Pauline and Frank 

“We enjoyed every stage of the process and were very relaxed to see our dream coming true step by step! In addition, you made the process very transparent to us so that we knew every progress and budget in detail.” 


From the Desk of Kuldeep and Reena

“It takes a team to do this and we all became one team to accomplish what we set out to do. We are now looking forward to moving in and enjoying the home.”

From the Desk of Tami

“You held our hand every step of the way and we couldn’t be happier with the end result. We have received many compliments on our home and we couldn’t have done it without you. “

From the Desk of Naveen and Tina

“You answered every email, returned every phone call, and were available when we wanted to talk or meet with you. I do not know of any builder that does that.”

From the Desk of Valerie

“I really like how you are bringing a unique Mediterranean and French look to Northern Virginia. There is nothing else like it around here. ” 

From the Desk of Pauline and Frank

“Comparing the price of our house with similar houses on the market in our neighborhood, we found we had saved at least 40%! The saving in money clearly marks the success of the project for both of us.” 

From the Desk of Alex

“Indeed we are enjoying the new house. It is well designed and built. You should be proud of your work.”


Virginia Excellence Award by Small Business Institute for Excellence in Commerce

“Botero Homes LLC has constituently demonstrated a high regard for upholding business ethics and company values. This recognition by SBIEC marks a significant achievement as an emerging leader within various competitors and is setting benchmarks that the industry should follow.” 

From the Desk of Tasneem and Farrah

“I wanted to convey our appreciation of the way your company has done an EXCELLENT job of handling and dealing with all the little, little details that goes with handling a construction project.” 

From the Desk of Amy

“I love the progress on the house!  I thank you so much…it is BEAUTIFUL!!!  I love walking through it and imagining us there.” 

Panel of Judges, Monument Award to Botero Homes

“Details have been elaborated in all floors, graced by embassy-sized rooms, ten-foot ceilings, unique architectural elements, a fully equipped home theater, a bar, a recreation room, a pool, a port de cochere, a cherry wood-paneled library and cutting-edge technology.” 

From the Desk of Pauline and Frank

“Today, six months after we moved into our dream home, we are really glad that we made the right decision to select Botero Homes to be our builder.”

From the Desk of Tasneem and Farray

“The way you guys negotiate with every vendor, for the best price and quality of service, as if this is your first house, is very rare. “

Panel of Judges, Monument Award to Botero Homes

“The master bedroom features a whirlpool tub, a separate massage shower, a beautiful sitting room with fireplace, an exercise room, and a bonus room. Spare bedrooms showcase walk-in closets with their own bathrooms. ” 

From the Desk of Waseem

“Thanks for your guidance and help all the way. You are a great man. I thank God that you are building our home.”

From the Desk of Julia

“It is still the most transparent model out there and enables homeowners to be creative at the same time… hopefully other customers can see that as well.”

Panel of Judges, Monument Award to Botero Homes

“The Deluxe-Gourmet kitchens feature top of the line appliances, granite countertops and an open floor plan.” 

Panel of Judges, Monument Award to Botero Homes

“Each one, at different cost levels, are a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that offers luxurious living in grand style. There is more than ample space for family and entertaining.”

From the Desk of  Naveen and Tina

“You and the others on your team made sure we were happy with every corner, finish, and detail of our house. You did not blink when we needed to move a wall (or two) or decided to add a swimming pool. You truly made sure that our home was built our way!” 

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