Picture1Mr. Botero-Paramo Sr.,

Founder & Chairman

Mr. Botero worked for his PhD in economics at Vanderbilt University and is an authority on economic development issues. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Mr. Botero is an experienced real estate developer. During the 10 years with the Interamerican Development Bank in Washington DC, he was the chief of loans for Central America and the Caribbean where the bank developed large infrastructure projects, power plans, urban development and telecommunication projects.

Through the course of his professional career, Mr. Botero has successfully combined his economics’ training with his passion for real estate development. During his tenure as President and CEO of Compañia Andina de Construcción LLC, he planned and developed projects for more than 500 low-income homes and built a large subdivision 117 middle-income units in Colombia. Mr. Botero also ran one of the largest real estate companies in Bogotá, Corredores Inmobiliarios LLC, where he also served as President and CEO.

Finally, and before returning to the United States, his country of citizenship, Mr. Botero was involved in the study of heavy construction projects, which included developing and building hydropower plants in Colombia and Bolivia, and the construction of oil pipelines, roads, schools, and high-rise condos.

Mr. Botero is an active member of the National Association of Home Builders and has been part of the Custom Builders Council and the Building Trade Association for several years.


Picture1Maritza Urdinola,

Founder & Senior Advisor

Mrs. Urdinola has worked very closely with her husband, Mr. Botero, and assists him as his Private Counselor. She is an Attorney that specialized in Family Law in Colombia and expanded her practice to International Trade. She worked as Special Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture and she headed the Department of Trading Companies at Proexport Colombia.








Picture1Fadi Hayek,

CFO & Controller

Fadi is an accomplished financial professional with a solid background in managerial accounting, financial reporting, forecasting & budgeting. He is a formal Ernest & Young consultant, a brick manufacturer and Chief Financial Officer in the construction industry for a $30 Million GC in Virginia. He has a passion for improving operations, providing sound financial analysis and increasing productivity. Fadi joins Botero Homes as its CFO & Controller and is involved in the financial management and day-to-day operations of the company.







Picture1Jorge Daniels,

Chief Construction Officer

Jorge is a graduated Architect from the University of Los Andes in Bogota, Colombia, the best University in the country and Top 200 in the world. He has more than 16 years of experience as an Architect and Builder designing and managing various kinds of Residential projects including several custom home projects in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. Jorge works hand in hand with Mr. Botero himself to ensure your home will be delivered on time, on budget and with the signature Botero quality you have come to expect. Jorge is an International Associate, AIA and an OSHA certified Field Safety Consultant.








Picture1Scott Miller,

Land Acquisition Specialist

A 40+ year resident of Northern Virginia, Scott brings a passion for providing superior customer service to our clients. A licensed Realtor in Virginia and Washington D.C., Scott works with RE/MAX Gateway – one of the areas most tenured and respected brokerages. His land acquisition knowledge and expertise came about through his personal experience as well as training with a local civil engineering firm and Botero Homes. He prides himself in staying on top of the latest developments and requirements in the industry, so that he can best represent our clients throughout the property acquisition phase of our client’s custom home building experience.

Following a lengthy management career in the publishing industry where he directed Customer Service, Human Resources and Personnel Departments before heading into Sales, Scott spent several years as General Manager for a local emergency services company – where he learned much about home construction and came to appreciate the work of quality craftsmen. Scott then transitioned to a career in Real Estate where he could use his knowledge, skills and experience to assist area residents in acquiring their dream home. As a past president of his home owners association in Centreville, as well as multi-year member of Rotary International, he has developed an extensive network of professionals.




Picture1Naresh Sharma,

Chief Architectural Specialist

Mr. Sharma has over 15 years of Architectural experience, graduated as Architect, he provides design drawings, renderings and permit sets for residential projects in the Washington DC Metro area, Fairfax County and Montgomery County.  He specializes in homes between 5000 – 10,000 SF and above.  He brings 15 years of experience, providing and coordinating with the Structural and Civil Engineers providing electrical layouts permit for the constructions purposes.  He has joined Botero Homes since March 2016 and has been working closely with Mr. Botero in designing the new homes, creating the Arch Plans and has helped coordinate with Botero’s team the complete permit sets for submission to the County.







Picture1Edgar Naranjo,

Accounting Manager

Edgar got his CPA at the Colombia University and finished graduate studies in Strategic Planning. He was Administrative Manager and Tax consultant for Global Tax Inc. He is part of our Team as Chief of the Accounting Department. Edgar is very active in the Hispanic Community and in the Church.





Picture1Sandra Valderrama,

Purchasing & Office Manager

As a Systems Engineer with a Business Administration degree, Sandra has worked for multinationals like Arthur Charles Nielsen as an IT Support Systems Engineer and Nortel Networks in the Financial Department as Specialist in Cash Flow & Reconciliations. Sandra has been working for 15 years in the Washington DC metropolitan area, of which 13 of them have been in the construction industry, specifically in high-rise developments​​ supporting companies​ ​with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables, Billing, Budgeting and Purchases of ​construction ​materials for the projects.

​In Botero Homes, ​Sandra designs and implements systematic processes and procedures for the company​. She ​is ​in charge of all purchases for each one of our ​homes and also doubles as Office Manager.​ She works under the guidance of our Chief Architect and the Chief Construction Officer.



14-Time Award Winning Builder

Botero Homes and Mr. Botero have been recognized over the past 8 years as one of the premier home builders in America winning 4 times the “Best of Vienna Award”, 1 time the “Best of Reston Award”, 4 times the “Best of the Best” Monument Award 1st Prize Winner, twice the “Best Feature GALA Award”, and two National Distinction Awards.