Pauline and Frank | Botero Homes

Dear Friends at Botero Homes:

Pauline and I, together with our twin daughters, Sophia and Delphia, want to thank you for building our beautiful home located at 840 Saigon Road in McLean. We are very satisfied with the design and quality of the house and are very impressed with the services your company has given us.

Building a custom home was a big, yet difficult decision for us. It could also be risky as the project involves a lot of work. Today, six months after we moved into our dream home, we are really glad that we made the right decision to select Botero Homes to be our builder. When we first met, you told us you would do everything to make the process a relaxing and fun journey. You actually did! We enjoyed every stage of the process and were very relaxed to see our dream coming true step by step! In addition, you made the process very transparent to us so that we knew every progress and budget in detail.

Not only did you complete the construction with our total satisfaction, you also completed the house within the budget. It was so important for us to keep the project within the budget in today’s economic circumstance. Comparing the price of our house with similar houses on the market in our neighborhood, we found we had saved at least 40%! The saving in money clearly marks the success of the project for both of us.

During our house construction, I wrote my story with Botero Homes on my blog and posted our story in the Chinese community website. The 24 series of blogs attracted tens of thousands of readers and many of my blog readers began to consider taking the same journey as I did. You also made me famous in the Chinese community. Thank you!

We believe you have a successful business model and a great team. We wish you success in the future.