Kuldeep and Reena | Botero Homes

Thank you very much for sharing this (occupancy Permit) with us. It has been an amazing journey for us for the last two years since we decided to have this home built for us. There were a lot of ups and downs during this journey, but then this is expected in a project of this size. As long as we reached the destination successfully, and we achieved the desired result, the bumps along the way make it all worthwhile.

Let me take this opportunity to also thank you and the entire staff for a job well done. Felipe, Ken, Claudia and Isa were all wonderful. It takes a team to do this and we all became one team to accomplish what we set out to do. We are now looking forward to moving in and enjoying the home.

One Year After Moving In

It seems like a long time since we moved into our new home at the end of June 2013. We are still settling down, but we have been enjoying every stage. So, though somewhat late, I am taking this opportunity to put down some of our thoughts.

It took us about a year to make a decision to build a home for ourselves, do the initial plan design, and crystallize our thoughts into what we wanted exactly. Then started the search for a reputed builder who could put our thoughts into action and build us the dream house that we wanted. This was very difficult because we wanted a very contemporary home, and there are not many builders in this area who can do this. After interviewing and researching many builders, we finally settled on Botero Homes, and looking back, that was the best decision. You have been able to build and deliver to us the exact custom home that we had planned for ourselves.

There are many “custom builders”, but when we looked them up close, we realized they were very limited in their capabilities, or had many restrictions. You have been able to provide us an excellent quality of construction, with the options we desired, and with a lot of cooperation throughout the process. Thank you so much again.

When we started out on the project, we expected difficulties and we had many of them. However, our great working relationship with you, Felipe, Ken, Claudia and the rest of the crew helped resolve these to our mutual satisfaction so that the construction continued at the fast pace that was needed to complete the project within the desired time frame. You have a great team and should be very proud of them.

All in all, the best compliment Reena and I can give you is that if we were to start from scratch again, we would again choose you to build our home. Thank you again for all your assistance, patience and expertise in helping us build our dream home.