Contact Peter Accolla, Mortgage Banker and Branch Manager at George Mason Mortgage. 

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Botero Homes works with George Mason Mortgage, a subsidiary of United Bank. Our experience of working together has been excellent. During this team work, we have refined the procedures to make the process more efficient.

The Loan: Once Botero introduces the client to the Bank’s Vice President, they take care of guiding the client during the entire loan approval process.  While complying with all the new regulations imposed on banks after the 2008 crisis, they make it as simple and expeditious as possible.

Terms: The bank finances about 80% of the total cost of the project including the land acquisition. It is a 12 to 18 month construction loan. At the end of construction, the bank transforms the initial construction loan into a “permanent loan” over 20 to 30 years based on the need of the client. As Botero’s preferred lender, the bank provides the most competitive financing solutions for our clients.

The Building Process: The bank prepares a “Draw Schedule” to disburse the loan in tranches as the builder finishes every phase of construction. The bank sends an inspector that carefully verifies the construction stage. Once approved, the bank releases the draw to a particular bank account opened by Botero for the client. The last draw is conditioned to the county issuing the occupancy permit.

Requirements by the Bank: In order to formally process the loan, the bank requires that Botero send the construction contract and the architectural plans accompanied by the receipt of the initial deposit made by the client, which is 25%-35% of the cost of the construction, at the discretion of Botero Homes. Projects of more than $2,000,000, Botero may accept the deposit to be paid in two installments: (1) the first installment of 50% when the construction contract is signed, and (2) the second 50% at the time of closing of the loan. The second part of the deposit is sometimes financed by the bank.

Benefits of working with George Mason Mortgage:

1x Close,Construction loan

    • 7/1 ARM, 30 year Amortization
    • Interest Only through the construction period
    • Automatic modification to Principal & Interest after 12 months (or project completion)

2x Close, Construction loan

    • Interest Only line of credit through construction period
    • Choice of any loan product for permanent loan
    • Option for the client to receive a lender credit towards the permanent loan refinance closing costs

Additional information on working with George Mason Mortgage can be found at their website.


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